Suitable for UK adult sizes 7 to 11. 


Feetrac skates can be likened to traditional skates or skis. What makes them unique is their ability to slide on surfaces such as grass, concrete and other uneven spaces with ease.  This is enabled by the flat track which does not bend or hang down. Unlike traditional tracks, it does not have wheels, instead it moves around a roller belt on a flat internal body. 


There are two wheels, the front of which is ratchet. On a flat surface, they don't touch the ground. Their role is to provide more balance for safety and the ratchet wheel allows you to push yourself forward, similar to classic roller skis. The wheels can also be used to brake. To brake on concrete surfaces, the rear wheel is attached to a special device which can be switched on/off.  


There are less limitations with Feetrac than traditional cross-country skiing as they are not dependent on the surface or weather.  It's like taking the slopes with you, wherever you go! Being off road skis, Feetrac is not designed for high speed. 


Undoubtedly, skiing with Feetrac is as beneficial as traditional skis. It is considered to be an excellent cardiovascular exercise which engages several muscle groups whilst being a great deal of fun. You can view a wider list of benefits here.  


Feetrac skates can be used with any shoes of your choice! 


IMPORTANT: we recommend using protective equipment such as a helmet, knee pads and walking poles for maximum safety. 

Feetrac (for trainers)