It took many years to develop the feet track (registered as Feetrac). From inventing a sliding board, which turned out to be patentable, we had to go through a handful of other inventions, before Feetrac skis (skates) came into existence. Our product is unique in its looks and the way its components come together. It has been a long, very costly and a once in a lifetime project! We are proud to finally be able to share this with you. 

The main part of the device is the caterpillar track which functions without wheels, this was seen to be so unprecedented that we were granted a patent for it! It is lightweight, it doesn't bend on any surface and can move easily over its inner flat body thanks to a roller belt. You can imagine it as a flat roller bearing. We offer this first limited edition of Feetrac skis (skates) hoping for your feedback which will help us to continually produce and improve what we believe is an excellent product with a big future!